Forest Home English Goldendoodles


Welcome to Forest Home English Goldendoodle. We are not your average dog breeder. We do not have our dogs in kennels. All of our dogs live in the house with us and sleep in our room at night. We have been breeding dogs for over 30 years. I only breed high quality dogs. We have 3 female Standard Poodles and 1 male English Golden Retriever. We take them camping, hiking and backpacking. They just love running in the woods and they really like chasing squirrels. They also like running on the sandy beaches on Lake Superior and occassionally taking a dip in the chilly water. Most recently we started dogsledding, now you want to talk about some excited dogs. As soon as they see the harness it's like Christmas for them. They just love the snow, sometimes just plopping down in it. All of our dogs are members of our family. They go with us almost everywhere we go.

All of our children are grown but our grandchildren visit and play with our puppies and all of our dogs often. Our Golden Retriever just loves playing with our grandson following him everywhere. All of our Poodles also love playing with him, and they all like to follow his commands. Just eager to please.

I have been a full time professional Dog Groomer for over 25 years. I built this business from the ground up becoming successful mostly from word of mouth. I groom many Goldendoodles and I love their personality. And they shed very little. But they are much easier to brush out than the standard poodle. Overall the Goldendoodle makes a wonderful pet. 

We want to welcome you to our home.

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Forest Home English Goldendoodles

208 E Forrest Home Ave.

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